“Love & Hip Hop: New York” star Yandy Smith checks in with BlameEbro. As seen on the reality hit series, Yandy has been managing her co-star Bianca Bonnie’s career. We caught up with Yandy at Bianca’s SOB’s performance the other night where she was in full support of the veteran rapper.

Yandy has made a name for herself in the music industry from her experience working with superstars such as Missy Elliot, LL Cool J, 50 cent, Busta Rhymes,and Jim Jones. She also manages the lifestyle brand Everything Girls Love. In addition, Yandy has ventured out to the hair and beauty world with Yelle Beauty and Yelle Luxury Hair. Currently, Yandy and her family are facing difficult times with her husband Mendeecees Harris serving 8 years in prison. In spite of it all, Yandy shares on how she successfully balances being a wife, mother, manager and entrepreneur.

Blame Ebro: Currently, you are filming season 7 of “Love and Hip Hop.” What can expect this season?

A whole lot of crazy. A whole lot of foolishness and a whole lot of Yandy you never seen before.

BE: How’s your relationship with Rashidah?

 I have not seen her this whole season.  Which tells you what? I’ll let you say or let everyone else figure out what that means if I haven’t seen her all season.

BE: How is it managing Bianca? Are you excited about Bianca’s project the 9th year finally dropping?

Bianca is definItely a piece of work to say the least. But she has talent and it is undeniable. The records she make are hit records. She can dance, sing, and rap. She’s definitely a triple threat. I’m excited about the project. So I cannot wait for it to be released tomorrow and then also for Bianca’s performance tonight. It’s a pretty big performance I don’t know if she ever had a 20 minute set especially not for this project so it’s really exciting.

BE: We know your husband Mendeecees is currently serving an 8 year sentence. How are you coping with that?

 It’s life. Everyone is going through things. This is my thing to go through. Unfortunately, he’s not here but he’s very involved in our lives. He e-mails me all day long. 3-4  emails a day. I speak to him every morning and every night. He doesn’t give me a second to miss him. And then I see him on weekends. It’s just feels like he’s away at work. Hopefully this will end very soon, a lot sooner than you heard. But we’re doing fine. I’m back to work busier than ever. I got busier because all of the time he was taking up. So we’re good over here.

BE: We all know you as a business woman. What are some of your business ventures as far as managing and any other opportunities?

YS: I am working very hard with Juelz Santana. We are ready to kill the air waves again like he did a long time ago. But he’s back and he’s ready to win. I’m excited about that.  I’m coming out with 2 books. I have a book that I’m doing with my husband and another book that I’m doing with Kandi Buruss. I’m shooting this weekend actually for a mini movie series that I’m doing in Atlanta. Be ready to see that very soon.

BE: Can we get a name of the film?

Not yet. But you will see the trailer for the series within the next 2 weeks.We also have hair line and a skin line coming out. The skin care line is Yelle beauty. The hair line is called Yelle Luxury Hair. I’m excited about that as well.

BE: How is it working with Missy Elliot. What can we expect next from Missy?

Love her. I was just talking to her the other day. When you are ready you know my number. I don’t care if you think I’m on TV or too big for this. I’m going back on tour. If I gotta go back to holding the bags and doing whatever. I’m ready when you’re ready to go on tour. I’m there. But the only thing is I gotta bring two little people with me. I gotta bring my two babies with me. Missy said, ‘Yandy ain’t no babies going on tour.’ I would trade the whole TV life to be back on the road, touring with missy, and being in the studio. I learned so much, grew so much, and I just love being around that pure talent.

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