Recently, Fetty Wap’s “Wake Up” music video was under investigation due to it being filmed at a high school in Paterson, New Jersey. The video featured drugs use, gambling, and half-clothed women dancing in a classroom. According to a published report, the investigation has concluded the school principal of operations, Zatiti Moody should be held accountable for the music video.

In June, Zatiti Moody was put on administrative leave once the Paterson school officials began investigating the video that was filmed at Eastside High School. District officials hired a law firm to investigate the matter. The attorney’s found out that Moody failed to follow requirements of the board’s policies and regulations.

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I conclude that Mr. Moody was solely responsible for permitting the video shoot to occur at Eastside High. In authorizing the video shoot, Mr. Moody did not follow all of the requirements of Board policy and regulations…Based upon the evidence I collected, I recommend that the State District Superintendent impose appropriate discipline upon Mr. Moody.

It was also discovered that Fetty Wap’s production team paid $500 to Eastside High School Booster Club instead of paying the school to use the facility. Moody claims that he was oblivious of the content of the video and hoped it had education value since the school offers a video a production course.

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Source:NY Daily News

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