Indianapolis police accidentally shot Carl Williams after he called the police in the early morning hours of August 24 after a “black man with a rifle” tried to carjack his wife. While on the phone with 911 operators, Williams stated that he saw the suspect in a black vehicle. When authorities arrived on the scene they saw a black car parked in the driveway. Williams came out of his garage with his own gun and his shot in the abdomen by Officer Christopher Mills.

“Obviously the homeowner had a weapon out, but I’m not sure what conversations would have occurred, if any, between the officer and the homeowner,” Assistant Chief Randall Taylor told reporters. But, Williams’ niece claims that her uncle was shot without warning.

“He called the police. He is the one who called the police and he opened up his garage and he just made eye contact and immediately he got shot,” Kamaria Howard said.

Williams, never fired a shot, according to reports and is currently listed in critical condition at a local hospital. The shooting officer is on administrative leave.

The car jacking suspect is still at large.

Source: NY Daily News

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