Lil Yachty admits that he does know not much about his Hip-Hop history. In an interview with Billboard, Lil Boat shares that he cannot name 5 songs by 2Pac or Biggie.  The 19-year-old rapper backed up his statement by saying that he’s doing music his way and his not going to follow others.

But if I’m doing this my way and making all this money. Why should I do it how everybody says it’s supposed to be done?

This statement is not surprising since he grew up listening a different style of rap.  In his interview with XXL, Yachty cited Lil B, Kid Cudi, and Soulja Boy as his musical influences. In addition, Yachty has made it known that conscious rap bores him. He is more focused on creating his music for people around his age demographic.

“It’s just fun, it’s not serious. I hate serious rap. It’s boring. Serious rap music puts me to sleep.”

Yesterday, Yachty released new music Lil Boat’s Birthday Mix to celebrate his 19th birthday. The project feature 4-5 new tracks. Check it out below.


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