From managing Justin Bieber to joining the management team of Lil Dickey in July – Scotter Braun has been busy signing deals.

The boss took to Instagram on Wednesday (Aug.17) to share the big news!


Braun as well tags @rocnation so Mensa remains signed to Jay Z’s label, with the talent manager stepping in to handle additional business, which, based on a recent Mensa tweet includes touring Europe with Justin Bieber. Braun has long managed Bieber, discovering the young singer on YouTube and acting as a mentor throughout his career. Bieber has been touring the country with Post Malone in support of his album Purpose and so that Mensa will be joining his as he takes things overseas signals a continued effort to provide a platform for emerging rap acts.


Vic Mensa will still be under RocNation but with the help of Scooter Braun, we are sure to see quite a few changes. Some even underway now, with the announcement of a

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