If you were planning on attending Freaknik 2016, we are sorry to tell you that it’s been cancelled. The owner of the venue where the ‘new’ Freaknik party had been scheduled has spoken out to say that the party is now no longer happening.

According to AJC, Freaknik is apparently over before it even began this year. Terry Brantley, owner of the Atrium events venue said this in a statement:

“In light of the year that black lives matter, we don’t think Freaknik does.”

What Brantley means in his comment is that he wants the youth and community to focus on more serious things like violence and police brutality, not a party to celebrate. Although the owner knew about Freaknik not happening, the promotors did not. weren’t even aware of the cancellation. Party planner Danny Hefner last week was just speaking on the event and how excited he was:

“I’m getting calls from people asking if it’s for real. It is real. This is going to be wild, fun, just like parties used to be. We’re expecting thousands of people…We’re expecting a lot of people from all over the country.”

Hefner was then contacted again to see how he feels about it being cancelled, and it seems as if he had no idea:

“Really? Let me call you back.”

This seems a little fishy. We wonder if the owner actually wants people to involve themselves in the BLM or if someone missed the deadline for their deposit. Or maybe they didn’t sell enough tickets? Let’s see how this cookie crumbles.

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