Out of nowhere, an audio clip leaked of a man that sounds an awful lot like Future, and he’s taking a bit of a jab at Diddy.

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“We got all this liquor and y’all want Diddy to come to my room and this n*gga ain’t even brought no Ciroc,” he says. “I don’t want this n*gga around. Diddy an old ass bitch.”

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Future hasn’t been known to really start beef with anybody (aside from his ex,) but then again, he didn’t know this was going to be public.

Of course, 50 Cent saw this as the opportune time to throw another jab at Diddy, as the pair have gone tit for tat for a while now with their competing vodka companies. Check out his post below.

#Future isn't here for #Diddy. He even refers to him as an "old ass b*tch."

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