Chris Rock’s 2008 stand up special, “Chris Rock: Kill The Messenger” has been pulled from Delta’s in flight movies after the airlines received complaints about some of the jokes being homophobic.

In a statement apologizing to customers, a spokesperson for the airline referred to the use of the gay slur by Rock’s a fail to hold itself accountable to their policy of “excluding onboard programming that includes content featuring explicit language, slurs, extreme violence, and explicit scenes.”

The specific joke surrounds around Isaisah Washington’s firing from Grey’s Anatomy after he used gay slurs against his then co-star, T.R. Knight. After giving a bit on how he allows the context in which a word is used to dictate if it is offensive or not. Rock gives examples in which he thinks it might be appropriate. “What if the person that he called a f****t, was acting like a f****t? … Because you don’t have to be gay to act like a f****t,” Rock says, then presenting a scenario in which he is holding up traffic while singing along to Gwen Stefani. “If you’re in that car behind me, you have a right to say ‘Aye f****t, the light’s about to change!”

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Source: Complex

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