Yesterday, Chris Brown was accused of pulling a gun on a girl who was in his home, Baylee Curran, who claims she merely “admiring” a piece of jewelry he and/or his friends had out.

The story goes that Chris had people over the night before, and though Chris AND guests in attendance say he was asleep the whole time, Curran says otherwise. Ray J was also there, and was actually handcuffed upon leaving, but then released once cops saw his I.D. However, they took his car “as evidence” and he was forced to Uber home. Odd.

Chris has made several IG videos in response to the situation while cops were outside of his home, calmly but angrily explaining that he did nothing wrong and refuses to speak to police until they obtain a warrant. TMZ would like to call this a “stand off” with police, though. They are also reporting that he threw a duffel bag out of his window that contained “at least one gun, other weapons and drugs,” which is hard to believe. No other publication is reporting this, and it doesn’t seem likely that cops got close to his window when they weren’t allowed up his driveway until his lawyers arrived and they obtained a warrant.

Curran – who was Miss California Regional 2016 – spoke with TMZ immediately after the incident, and claims the altercation happened because she was “admiring a piece of jewelry.”

Curran says she’s partied with Chris in the past and he was always nice, but that last night he appeared to be “out of it” on either drugs or liquor. She explains that she and a friend went to his house, hit the hot tub and then went inside where they admired said jewelry, on “display” by a friend of Chris’. It was then that the guy went nuts, and Chris followed by pointing a gun at her and telling her to “get the f*ck out.” She says Chris’ people wouldn’t give her cell phone back until she signed a non-disclosure agreement, but she refused to sign and that’s when she left and called 911.

Ray J has also commented, as he was present during the incident. He says the story is false, and that it’s not fair that things can go this far.

After over 9 hours at his home, cops finally arrested Chris on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon. He was released on $250,000 bail less than two hours later. Cops also obtained a search warrant to look for the weapon that Curran described, and conducted a “protective sweep” of Chris’ home. There is no word on whether they found anything, but since he hasn’t been hit with a weapons charge, it would appear that they didn’t. It also doesn’t coincide with TMZ‘s still-unconfirmed report that Chris threw a duffel bag out of a window that contained “guns and drugs.”

Chris is scheduled to appear in court for this on September 20.

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