Joanne the Scammer already told you all that she was a liar, a scammer, a messy b*tch that lives for drama, but her latest scam might be her greatest one to date. On August 30, a website called appeared with a countdown timer leading to something unknown. The internet went bananas trying to figure out what it was for, was it for a joint project? An “official” confirmation that the two are indeed a couple? Everyone scrambled to find an answer.

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Both Rihanna & Drake’s camps confirmed to The FADER the site was completely fake and not affliated with the two at all. So, who was behind the site? Insert Joanne the Scammer.

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The viral sensation revealed her latest scam by replacing the countdown with a video venting her frustration about Drake not speaking or taking a pic with her during the VMAs.

“I’ve waited so long to take a fucking selfie with you and you weren’t there to take it,” she says. “But you come out for Rihanna? I’m prettier. And more iconic TBH. So fuck you and our relationship is over. Don’t email me again because I won’t respond. This website is a hoax and I can move on with my goddamn life.”

The two minute video is hilarious. Go to to check it out.

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