Nick Young has joined the list of people who do not want to live near Chris Brown. During this week detailed investigation that resulted in Brown getting arrested for allegedly pointing a gun in a woman’s face.

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While Chris was posting videos on Instagram about the whole ordeal, Swaggy P posted his own video asking Brown to move because he was making the block too “hot.”

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Chris Brown, you gotta move, man. Go on, get away from over here, please. You’re making the block hot, buddy. You’re my friend and all but you gotta go. [They] got SWAT teams and helicopters flying over my head [and] I’m thinking they’re after me. We only have about five or six black people over here anyway…They’re going to take me [and] you. They’re gonna cut us short, I don’t wanna get cut short from over here, man. There’s really only two of us over here, man. And at this rate, you’re gonna make it one.

So please, I like you man, you my dawg. We go out, but you need to go out away from over here. Go! Other than that I love you, man, but peace!

Watch the video below.

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