Colin Kaepernick has divided the sports world after he decided to sit down during the national anthem at a 49ers preseason game. From fellow NFL players to commentators everyone has had an opinion about Kaep’s controversial protest. Even his own birth mother tweeted that she believed his was wrong in his actions.

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Two time Super Bowl winner turned NBC sports analyst, Rodney Harrison spoke out against Kaepernick this week in a radio interview stating that Kaepernick wasn’t allowed to take that type of stand because “he’s not black.”

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What Harrison didn’t know was hat Kaepernick is actually biracial and was adopted by a white family. He later apologized on twitter stating that he didn’t know, but fans demanded that NBC Sports disciplined him for his comments. But, a rep for NBC Sports stated that he will not be fired or suspended. Harrison is expected to be on the air for “Football Night in America” on September 11.

Listen the comments and read the apology below.

Source: TMZ

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