Kanye had everybody talking about the video premiere for his TLOP track “Fade”. Ye’ premiered the video Sunday (Aug 28th) at the MTV Video Music Awards and besides the unbeatable Queen B, it was the talk of the night. It featured the stunning Teyana Taylor, Iman Shumpard, a cat face, sheep, amazing cherograpghy and a steamy shower scene. It was definitely a video that if you saw, you would never forget. If your wondering how it all came together, director, 24-year old Eli Russell Linetz, spoke to The New York Times to share what inspired the video.

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Linetz who is currently under a “one year art residency” with Kanye has worked on the “Famous” video and the St. Pablo tour and all of the merchandise. He spoke about getting an email from Ye’ saying that he was going to debut the video at the VMA’s and he hadn’t even finished yet. “I just got an email from Kanye super late at night saying I want you to direct “Fade” said Lintez. “Space, space, space. Teyana Taylor dancing, Iman Shumpert, taking thousands of years of culture and throwing them into a single frame or moment. That’s our approach weather it’s “Famous” or “Fade” or fashion or the tour.”

According to Linetz, the iconic Flashdance was an obvious influence for the video, as well as Grace Jones, Ohio players’ album cover and 70’s & 80’s porn. When it comes to the porn, it was really just about the oiliness and the texture of the skin not the imagery.

Linetz gets further into depth on the making of “Fade” in the interview which you can read, here.

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