By midnight on Wednesday (August 31st), Chicago had seen it’s deadliest month in about 20 years. In August alone, the city of Chicago experienced 90 murders, NINETY. Chicago, the third largest city, had more homicides than New York and Los Angeles combined.


According to The New York Post, the number of deaths this year in Chicago total 471, about a 50% increase than this time last year. Non-fatal shootings are also on the rise. More than 2,300 shootings have taken place so far, most shootings occurring on the South and West sides and most involving the African American. This extreme surge of violence comes at a time where racial tensions and distrust of the police in our communities at an all time high.

What is being done? As far as the government is concerned, no immediate action has been taken to mediate this crisis. People from the community have taken to the streets to hold peaceful protests calling for peace and togetherness in the neighborhood. Neighborhood leaders are also calling for Governor Bruce Rauner of Illinois to call a “state of emergency” as a way to bring federal money into the city as an aid. Gov. Rauner has called what is happening in the city “terrible” but is opposed to calling in the National Guard out of fear that their presence will cause more problems than they would solve.

During an interview with WTTW on “Chicago Tonight”, Mayor Rahm Emmanuel promised the public ” a comprehensive strategy to attack the issue of gun violence and gangs.”

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