While everyone spent the year holding their breath for a Frank Ocean album, his mom Katonya Breaux made a power move to help skincare for people of color. Katonya quietly dropped a line of sunscreen specifically gear towards darker skin tones.

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Recently, Katonya spoke to The Cut about her new sunscreen line UnSun, how she came up with the idea after struggling to find a good sunscreen to help deal with the sun-damaged moles on her face.

“I began using chemical-based sunscreens because they were the ones that would blend into my skin, but they were really irritating,” she says. “I would rub my eye and then all of a sudden my eye would burn and water. I went after a more natural product, a mineral product, but they were so white.”

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UnSun is described on The site as “a lightweight broad spectrum face sunscreen that is perfectly mineral tinted to blend in with multiple skin tones that range from fair to olive to the darkest of chocolate.” Breaux also says it has zinc oxide and titanium dioxide as its active ingredients, “so it’s not going to irritate your skin and it’s not going to penetrate into your bloodstream.”

Check out the line here. Dope stuff Mama Ocean!

Source:The Cut

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