After last week’s saga with Chris Brown, everyone thought he was in the clear once no guns or drug were found on the property, unfortunately, a Los Angeles D.A. didn’t agree.

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According to reports, Deputy D.A. Mary Murray is the sole reason why Brown went to jail last week. Murray prosecuted Brown during the domestic violence case and pushed for jail time almost everytime he violated his probation. Brown also called Murray a racist on Twitter after she asked a judge to throw out his community service for being “bogus.” This resulted in an extension of his probation.

TMZ reports that the LAPD had decided to take the case under investigation, but Murray demanded the arrest. Brown’s lawyers believe that argue that was a petty and vindictive decision since the only witnesses are the woman who made the claim and everyone in the house that has disputed her story.

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Given the reports about the accuser’s past, Breezy might be innocent here. Hopefully, D.A. Murray can put her personal feelings to the side and look at the evidence, or lack thereof.

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