Girls creator Lena Dunham had some really idiotic things to say about Odell Beckham Jr. recently, and of course, she’s now apologizing after being dragged to high hell.

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It all started with an interview that was published in The Lenny Letter last week, where Dunham sat down with fellow comedian Amy Schumer to discuss an array of random things. At one point, the topic of their seating arrangements at the Met Gala came up, and Dunham recalled an awkward moment of being completely ignored by OBJ, which led to some really poorly executed “jokes.”

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“I was sitting next to Odell Beckham Jr., and it was so amazing because it was like he looked at me and he determined I was not the shape of a woman by his standards,” Dunham said. “He was like, ‘That’s a marshmallow. That’s a child. That’s a dog.’ It wasn’t mean—he just seemed confused.”

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It gets worse:

“The vibe was very much like, ‘Do I want to fuck it? Is it wearing a…yep, it’s wearing a tuxedo. I’m going to go back to my cell phone.’ It was like we were forced to be together, and he literally was scrolling Instagram rather than have to look at a woman in a bow tie.”

Her insinuation of his thought process being purely misogynistic was completely uncalled for…and the backlash came swiftly! After realizing how poorly her joke failed, Dunham took to Twitter with an apology, then followed up on Instagram for good measure. Check out what she said below.

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