PartyNextDoor put out his long awaited P3 project this summer, but it got a lukewarm reception at best. Many would say it’s not his best work, and it failed to produce a breakout single. In an interview with Rolling Stone last month, the OVO singer revealed that he wasn’t happy inside, particularly after giving Drake and Rihanna such a “moment” with the song “Work,” and not having one for himself.

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Many have speculated that Party writes a lot of Drake‘s songs, something Joe Budden made note of on one of his diss tracks to Drake earlier this summer. And seemingly, Party himself confirmed it with this tweet over the weekend, before deleting his entire account:

“I want to give you guys the best music that you guys deserve. Sorry due to my blessings the curse is everyone wants a piece of pie. Soon – P3.”

Hmm! He’s since reinstated the page, and though that tweet is gone, one from a few days earlier is also telling. In it, he expresses a desire for a one-on-one interview with an outspoken radio personality, but adds, “If they don’t stop this from happening.”

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Who exactly is this “they” that Party speaks of? It could be the higher-ups at OVO, as his first-ever interview revealed that they’d kept him from doing any interviews at all. He said it was a part of their “plan,” and explained that’s why we hadn’t heard from him for a majority of the beginning of his career – despite the fact he WANTED to do interviews.

Hmm, could there be a rift over at OVO Sound? Let’s see what happens in the near future…


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