A gunshot call was made to Miami Beach police that ended with Lil Wayne handcuffed and demanding to be taken to jail. Cops descended on the rapper’s Miami Beach area home after a still unknown caller phoned in reports of gunshots at the property on Sept. 2. According to the police report the caller stated that “a male was shot and bleeding.”

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Officers made entry through the garage door which was left open. While Lil Wayne authorized the officers to do a search of his home using K-9 dogs, the situation quickly began to unravel.

“Moments later, he became irate and upset by screaming at officers, saying, ‘I’m tired of this s**t. Take me to jail,’” reads the report.

Cops say they cuffed the rapper, but when they didn’t find a victim they let him go. We’re told Wayne calmed down and told officers he understood they were doing their job. The same thing happened to Wayne last year, when cops got a report someone had shot 4 people inside the house.

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