De La Soul Is Not Dead takes fans back to Amityville, Long Island. It was a suburban area where the first sounds of hip hop were made. There were three creative artists/fellow high school students who linked up with DJ Prince Paul to record a demo tape for Tommy Boy Records. This is the label that debuted “Planet Rock” and would soon have a hit with “Me Myself and I” and De La Soul, the so-called “Hippies of Hip Hop.” The future that De La Soul will have no one saw coming.

Alot of De La Soul’s early songs they dropped are hard to find online now a days because of complicated sample clearance issues. It’s been about 25 years since De La Soul Is Dead was released; the group’s legendary second album. It’s also been about 20 years since Stakes Is High, their first project without Prince Paul. Those two classic releases gave the group great recognition.

Last week, years after their release, De La Soul dropped And The Anonymous Nobody and it topped Billboard’s Rap Albums Chart. The album was funded by a half-million-dollar Kickstarter and had features coming from Snoop Dogg, David Byrne and more.

Check out the De La Soul documentary below courtesy of Mass Appeal and let us know what you think.

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