Finally! After weeks of speculations we now officially know if Blac Rob (Rob Kardashian & Blac Chyna) is having a girl or boy. During the debut episode of their reality TV show, “Rob & Chyna” on E!, the couple has confirmed that their unborn child is indeed a girl!

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On the show that premiered on Sept. 11, Rob was extremely hopeful that he and Chyna would have a boy so he could continue the family’s legacy and he wanted to reproduce the relationship he had with his father the late Rob Kardashian. Although he was disappointed by the news, he was happy that the baby is healthy and growing strong.

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Other things we learned in the series premiere was that Blac Rob actually texted and conversed with each other for over a year before they started dating. Rob reached out to Chyna after she and Tyga broke up and Tyga started dating Rob’s baby sister, Kylie Jenner. The two also have a big fight that forces Rob to leave the house for a few days, but Kris Jenner fixed it after separately talking to the lovebirds. Chyna also feels like a fish out of water in the Kardashian family. Because she’s used to being on her own and providing for herself. She’s a little put off by the closeness of Rob and his family, especially since Rob spilled the beans on the gender of the baby after the two decided to keep it a secret until they found a cute way to reveal it to the family. Chyna is due this November.

Watch the big reveal above.

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