NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick’s silent protest to not stand for the National Anthem has taken the world by storm. It has sparked major controversy and much needed conversation. While some of the world hates him, a majority of people have decided to stand with him.

Several sports figures and celebrities, off all different races, have supported Kaepernick and knelt along with him at their respective games. The public made it clear who they were with when Kaeprnick’s jersey sales skyrocketed and sold more in this one month than the past eight.

Gabrielle Union is the latest celebrity to publicly take a stand with Kaepernick in regards to his patriotism. According to Variety during the Birth Of A Nation Screening, the actress compared Kaepernick’s resilience to that of Nat Turners,

“If you are wondering about Colin Kaepernick and his stand for equality and if he’s on the right side of history. There’s nothing more patriotic than resistance. Nat Turner was firmly committed to his faith, but it was s faith that enforced and encourage his subservience and of those that looked like him. And until he knew better, he didn’t do better. Once he knew better, it started in him a fire that he refused to extinguish that carries on to this day.”

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