She’s sweet, sassy, funny and about her business! Nikki Mudarris aka Miss Nikki Baby has effortlessly slayed season one and two of “Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood” with minimum* drama.

Now in her third season, Mudarris is expanding her heart and her wallet. Not only is she in the mix being in love with Safaree and model Rosa Acosta, but she’s building a clothing empire with Nude by Nikki and Slay Per The Usual. Her heart is huge, and she wants nothing more to be surrounded by love, because what else can you give the girl who can buy anything she wants on her own? Miss Nikki Baby sat down with Blame Ebro to discuss everything from the love triangle with Rosa and Safaree, making peace with Maskia and the meaning of friendship to her.

Blame Ebro: The last two seasons for you have been a rollercoaster. Last season you were calmer, you were the “peacemaker,” but this year we see you emerged in another love triangle with Safaree and Rosa Ascota. Except this time, instead of being the one getting played, you’re the player.

Miss Nikki Baby: I’m the woman, I’m the boss.

Blame Ebro: How does it get to that?

Miss Nicki Baby: It really isn’t something I’m proud of. I wasn’t trying to trick anybody, but it just happened. Now I’m dating two people; I’m catching feelings for two different people. Normally the man is open to his woman having another girl, like “Ok, you got another bitch, totally fine,” but Safaree is not one of those types of guys. I tried to keep it on the low, and then shit blew up in my face kinda.

Blame Ebro: Was it difficult to keep both of the relationships separate and a secret?

Miss Nikki Baby: Absolutely! Everybody knows who Safaree is, and everybody knows who Rosa [Acosta] is, and we’re in L.A., so when we would go out, I had to be careful. Every time we made a move I had to be careful and think about it.

Blame Ebro: Yeah, I remember one night you and Rosa went out in L.A., and the next morning it hit all the blogs.

Miss Nikki Baby: [It was]Everywhere! And even Safaree, we went to go [out to] eat, and it was on the blogs. Yeah, so it was very hard.

Blame Ebro: What a lot of people don’t know is that you’re well educated, you went to USC and you’re an entrepreneur on top of managing your parents’ strip club. You have the Nude by Nikki lingerie line, and you just launched a new clothing line, Slay Per Usual. Tell us the difference between the two.

Miss Nikki Baby: You know I had to do it for them! I’ve come to learn that some people don’t wear lingerie. So, Slay Per Usual is loungewear; it’s casual. Gym stuff, activewear, t-shirts, things like that. Everyone can wear it, and it’s unisex. Well actually, I made briefs for men too. Safaree has some [laughs]. You should’ve asked him to see, you know he likes showing off his stuff.

Blame Ebro: So, what else can we expect from you this season outside of the love triangle? Obviously, that’s what people tune into “Love & Hip Hop” for, the mess, the drama. But what else can we expect to learn about Nikki as a person this season?

Miss Nikki Baby: I think first and [the] second season I presented myself as very strong, I didn’t want anyone to see my emotions really, but I think I really opened up this season. I’ve cried, I’ve poured my heart out, I’ve done it all. I think people can relate to me and say “ok, she’s a real person too, she goes through the same stuff that we go through.”

Blame Ebro: I think the perception people have of you and people think you’re this sadity, snooty, stuck up, conceited woman. Obviously, in our conversation, I don’t believe that to be true. So, do you feel misunderstood by the public?

Miss Nicki Baby: Of Course! Absolutely! People always have their opinions. They think just because they watch a small segment of you on TV, they know you. But, if that’s what you put out there, that’s all they’ll know. But, I can’t worry about these people’s opinions.

Blame Ebro: Did that play a key part in you opening up this season?

Miss Nicki Baby: No, I think I became more comfortable. I’m a real person, so if I get sad, I cry. If I’m happy, I’m smiling. I just had to be open about it; I can’t be this tough rock all the time.

Blame Ebro: What’s your advice on dealing with negativity and social media haters? I could imagine that your block finger is strong.

Miss Nicki Baby: I don’t even block anyone!

Blame Ebro: How do you deal with it?

Miss Nicki Baby: I don’t. I don’t even look at it. Everybody has an opinion. So, whether you want to say something negative or positive, you’re entitled to that. But I will not go out my way to respond; I will not block you because I leave my page open. Whoever has something to say, you can say it. I don’t entertain negative comments; I have too much going on for that.

Blame Ebro: So, I have to ask a messy question really quick. Masika is back! We know the love triangle that happened season one between you, her and Mally Mal, but now she’s back and obviously, you two are in completely different spaces with her new daughter with Fetty Wap and your different relationships with Safaree and Rosa. Have you guys had a conversation since her return?

Miss Nicki Baby: Oh yeah, we hung out and everything! We’re good. I got a gift for her daughter when she was born. That’s old, neither of us is with him, I’ve grown up so much in the past few years. I can’t fight over a man. It wasn’t her fault, so we’ve definitely moved on from that. You will not see any Masika and Miss Nicki drama this season.

Blame Ebro: Your growth has been amazing to watch from a viewer standpoint. Another takeaway from the season is a conversation between you and Teairra Marie and about her drinking. From the previews, it looked like an honest moment. I think sometimes it’s hard for fans to differentiate what’s real and what’s amped up for TV. At that moment you can tell that you were a true friend.

Miss Nicki Baby: Of course!

Blame Ebro: How important is friendship to you?

Miss Nicki Baby: It’s very important. I always want to look out for my friends. I have nothing to gain; I’m not malicious, what am I going to gain from that? If I’m really your friend, if I fuck with you, it’s genuine, because I don’t need anything from anybody. So in that situation with her, that was me really being a friend to her. I look out for her; I want to make sure that she’s always ok. So, I think friendship is essential. Above all, with men, women, relationships everything, that factor is key.

Blame Ebro: What was your biggest takeaway from filming this season?

Miss Nikki Baby: I learned to be more truthful. I believe that if I would’ve laid everything out [with Rosa and Safaree], they wouldn’t be so hurt and offended. I learned to keep it all 100, good, bad, whatever it is. Because I feel like I hurt people’s feelings and I’m not that type of person.

Blame Ebro: If you had to say anything to the fans of “Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood,” what would you say?

Miss Nicki Baby: Make sure you tune in Monday nights at 8pm, because, hello [points to self and laughs]. “Love & Hip Hop” fans, make sure you tune in because Miss Nikki is everything!

Blame Ebro: The “Miss Nikki Show.”

Miss Nikki: It should be! We could make one for sure. I think this season is fun and interesting, and things might get a little crazy… and really freaky. Things get really freaky.

“Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood” airs Monday nights at 8 pm ET on VH1.

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