Scottie Beam is back at it again this month with another Who’s Next Live showcase at SOB’s. This month she did something a little different and made this month music showcase an open mic. Some of the Ebro In The Morning team also helped to bring this month showcase even better as the event was hosted by Shani Kulture and music by DJ Juanyto.

The rules were as followed: the artist had the opportunity to sign-up from 8-9:30PM.  Next, each artist was chosen from a lottery. Lastly, the selected artists were allowed to perform one song of their choice. Every artist was encouraged to bring their friends and fan to support and the winner will be the opening act at “Who’s Live,” next month.

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The line was down the block by 8PM. People from all the five boroughs came out hoping for a chance to perform. Shani Kulture began the show by calling out a few lottery numbers at a time so the artist could bring DJ Juanyto their music.  Some people came on stage and told the audience this is their first time ever performing, and some came out and rapped over lyrics. A packed SOBs was filled with music lovers, friends, and fans who came to see what new talent was out there.

The artists who weren’t able to perform were told to network with everyone that’s in the building.  At first, 10 acts performed, but there were no female performers. Scottie Beam and Shani Kulture decided to have all the females who wanted to perform come on stage and have the audience decide what two females would perform.

The two finalist hailed from The Bronx and the DMV.  The audience ultimately picked who would walk away as the winner of the event.  It came down to two Bronx artist Josh and Briella. With the audience screaming “Dream, Work, Hustle” for Josh, overall the winner was a Briella.  The crowd loved her confidence and the bars she was spitting.

I got a chance to catch up with DJ Juanyto and Shani Kulture and this is what they had to say out his months Who’s Next Open Mic:

Blame Ebro: This month’s Who’s Next Live being an open mic– what does that mean to you to be apart of this type of platform for a new artist?

DJ Juanyto: I think it brings awareness that there’s hope that a big platform like Hot 97 is allowing all local artist to have a chance. Even though the chance is a lottery, you really have to be here, and once you get picked then you have to perform.  Once you perform, it’s the craft. The song and the crowd excitement, this is a new thing we hope we can do more and more. Scottie put the plan together and we all just followed suit. I’ve seen many open mics but nobody has really seen a radio station have an open mi,c so this is great that this will open doors for a lot of people too.

BE: What kind of advice to get give to up and coming artist?

DJ Juanyto: If you love this, and the passion is there… No matter what you’re going through– even when you’re about to quit– don’t! It’s always that one wall that stops you.  Just don’t stop, you got it in you.  Just keep going.

BE: How do you feel when an artist asks you for advice about performing, being an artist and getting their music out there?

Shani Kulture: It means that they’re hungry. They are looking for away inside to take this music passion that they have to another level. I appreciate the fact that they ask me for my advice.  It shows me that they are really invested making themselves substantial in the music industry. I always accept it and embrace it.

Stay tuned for next months “Who’s Next Live” and don’t forget to watch out for this month’s open mic winner opening up the show.


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