Frank Ocean FINALLY released an album and if you don’t have Apple Music, you can’t even listen to it (legally, that is).

The album was released on Apple Music on August 20th and has been an exclusive of their’s for three weeks until Spotify, the largest streaming service, got access to it. But when it hit Spotify, it wasn’t in the “New Releases” or their “New Music Friday” playlists. It is said that Spotify “punches” artists who do exclusive’s by not giving them proper placements and burying them under search results.

Now, when you go to Blonde on Spotify, the album is still listed but the tracks are grey’d out and unplayable. Maybe Frank’s camp had a problem with the way his album was being treated and Spotify wouldn’t budge? All we know is at the end of the day, the music is being kept away from the fans.

What do you think happened?

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