Can Chance The Rapper get any more awesome?

From letting his music go for free, buying his concert tickets back from scalpers & reselling them to the #SoGoneChallenge that he did for his girl that sparked an online trend, now, he his bringing the NAACP on tour with him to endure his fans are registered to vote.

He shared his excitement via Twitter:


Cornell William Brooks, President and CEO of the NAACP, spoke on what Chance means to this generation, “Chance the Rapper is an artist whose music praises and lifts up our common humanity, and whose call for action speaks to the yearning of this moment. This year, more than it has in a generation, we must use the power of our voices and our votes and exercise our sacred right to vote.”

In addition to voter registration, the NAACP sill provide civic engagement resources as well as NAACP membership information. Chance the Rapper is a unique artist whose independence is a reflection of our millennial generation, who for the first time match the number of baby Boomers in the electorate” Stephen Green, director of the NAACP Youth & College Division.

Registration will begin September 24th in Chicago and will continue through the 21st of October.

Way to go Chance, your certainly a man of the people.


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