The new iOS update from Apple has been the talk of Twitter (mainly about the changes to emoji’s) since releasing yesterday. Just like the iPhone 7, many users are unsure if they are going to upgrade.

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If you have yet to download the iOS10, here are some of the dope features you can expect from it:

Raise to wake 

When you pick up your phone it will automatically wake up, allowing you to catch all of your notification without blowing by them. You also no longer have to slide to unlock, simply press the virtual home screen.

New look for notifications

There is a new look for the notifications that are on the lock screen. Apple has added bubbles outlines to all alerts along with their 3D touch which allows you to do more with them. You can reply, accept invites, move emails to the trash, and much more with this feature.


It also works with third-party apps like Uber and Lyft, allowing you to check your drivers location.


When you unlock your phone, notifications clear from the lock screen but are still available if you swipe the pulldown menu (which also looks different). And, it finally allows you to clear all notifications at once!

Water detection

Since the new iPhone7 is water resistant, Apple has added a feature that detects when your phone (only iPhone 7 and 7s) has been exposed to water. An alert will pop up asking you to unplug until dried.

Add widgets 

You can now add widgets of your choice to the leftmost menu of your home screen. This allows you to add everything from the weather, to your boarding passes, and apps like ESPN. Unfortunately, it’s not customizable yet.


Apple has changed up the messaging game as they have added a ton of new features! You can now send stickers, drawings, gifs, music clips, all from inside the message store. They have also bettered your emoji experience by adding them to the predictive word suggestion box. It will also highlight words that can be replaced with emoji’s.

The other featured added to the messages is effects. You can now chose between five different effects (happy, trippy, awe, festive and hopeful).

Apple has introduced a whole new world for how we communicate on a regular basis.

And finally, removing default apps

I know we have all been there before when we tried to get rid of the default apps that seem to serve no purpose. Apple has finally made this possible with the iOS10 update!

You can now “hide” these apps, which will help declutter your home screen and keep your phone more organized.

You can delete these 16 apps: Mail, Notes, Contacts, iCloud Drive, Music, Reminders, Calendar, iTunes Store, Videos, Stocks, iBooks, Tips, FaceTime, Weather, Home and Maps.

If you have the new update, let us know your thoughts below!

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