Anderson .Paak is slowly making his way up the ranks. If you aren’t familiar, NxWorries is the group that consists of Anderson .Paak and the underground producer Knxwledge. After months of fans wondering when their joint project will be dropped, the release date is fianlly here.

The album entitled Yes, LAWD! is set to be dropping on October 21st through Stones Throw Records. It’s going to have 19 tracks. The music video for their previously released “Suede” ended with a clip of an unreleased song, and that song is now the first single from Yes LAWD! 

It’s called “Lyk Dis” and is the perfect soulful mix. The song is about a sexual relationship between Anderson and a woman told in the most respectful and romantic way. Knxwledge’s production on “Lyk Dis” is super simple which allows Anderson’s voice to shine on the track.

Listen to the song below and see the track list as well. Be sure to let us know what you think:



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