We can finally stop chanting #FreeKodakBlack (for now) as he is scheduled to be released from jail November 30. The Florida judge sentenced to him to 120 days in jail, revoked his license, and ordered him to pay $298 in court costs after pleading no contest to two misdemeanor weed charges. He is being credited for time already served.

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This case is from a traffic stop that occurred back in 2015. Kodak Black failed to appear in court this past July and a warrant for his arrest was issued. Unfortunately, he was already being jailed on unrelated charges, which he was originally set to face 55 years in prison (crazy, right?). After signing a plea deal, Kodak was released with one year house arrest and 5 years probation.

You would think that Kodak was pretty lucky getting off from 55 years but he still faces one more charge in South Carolina for committing sexual battery against a woman earlier this year. Hopefully he can get his act together and everything figured out because this is messy.

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