While we like to think we’re making progress in terms of closing the wage gap between the different demographics, it seems as though we still have a long way to go.

We’re well aware that today, women are still making less money than men for the same job, but it also looks like there’s still a major gap between white black workers in the U.S.

A recent EPI report says that the gap is the worst it’s been in 40 years, with black men earning twenty five cents less than white men for the same job in 2015. As for black women, they earn around 34 percent less than their white, female counterparts.

The report further states that key characteristics being equal (such as education and experience), black women were paid 34.2 percent less than their white male counterparts.

An interesting element the EPI found was that it couldn’t attribute the disparities to education or lack of training, but it did see alarming evidence that it simply came down to discrimination based on both  gender and race.

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Samantha Callender is a multimedia journalist whose work ranges from entertainment journalism to pieces highlighting social issues in multicultural communities. Samantha strives to find intersects between entertainment and social matters, believing that pop culture has the power to not only entertain the masses, but to educate them as well. Her goal when storytelling is to write pieces that serve as a catalyst to prompt dialogue and activism. Her work can be seen on VIBE, The Source, Jet Magazine, The Root, and Cosmopolitan Magazine.

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