Fresh off their debut album 90951 the Rap duo that is Audio Push came through the office yesterday and shut it down in an unforeseen way.

In case you missed it, during Kid Cudi’s Twitter rant last week (Sept. 14) he did a shout out to all his youngins with Audio Push mentioned on that list. Now the streets are buzzing wondering just how deep that connection goes.

The young fellas dished on their fan-of-fan relationship in saying Cudi’s big-up’s started after the drop of their “Check The Vibe” track paying homage to legendary Hip Hop group A Tribe Called Quest and most notably during an interview when Cudi was asked who his ‘rap “SUPER” group’ would be. He acclaimed that combination to be Logic mixed with Audio Push, the ultimate praise.

Audio Push continued to elevate their musical frequency by pulling through with an epic improv performance, not even the track was pre-planned. Pricetag confidently accepted by encouraging Rosenberg to, “Throw on the beat that the young kids are scared to rap on.” From multiple beat switches to throwing out word play at random Oktane and Pricetag quarterbacked each other plays throughout the nearly 8-minute long freestyle. Talk about chemistry, ‘The Kids from Cudi’ are surely ones to take note from.

In case you missed it, check it out below.


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