People aren’t sure if they should ‘Damn Danieeeelllllll’ the moment or hand out the MVP Image Award for the infamous ‘Side Eye’ in response to Brad Pitt’s most recent chronicles. All we can do is face the facts, the renowned actor seems to have a pattern and isn’t doing a great job of covering it up if it’s indeed true.

Just on the cusp of the breaking news that Angelina has filed for a divorce from Brad after a two year marriage and being together for 11 years (since April 2005), he is gearing up for his new movie Allied and we’ve got the official trailer. The film isn’t scheduled to come out until November 23, however by the looks of things people will definitely be talking and left with interpretation until then.

It’s no question that Brad is amazing at what he does but dammit! things between he and his co-star Marion Cotillard look a little to close for comfort but we’ll let you be the judge.



Catch a few Twitter reactions below:





If there is truth to what we “think” we see then that would most certainly make Brad a repeat offender of wifing his co-stars. Allied looks identical to birth of ‘brangelina’ in Mr. & Mrs. Smith all those years ago. But who are we?

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