Through the many ventures of rappers today they never stop peaking interest when exploring the unexpected and our newest talent from the Philly scene is no different. Chill Moody from the city’s west side stopped by yesterday with a brew tasting of Nicethings IPA to highlight the passion second to his music.

It was definitely a “mini-vacay,” sentiments straight from Ebro who went against his ‘no-beer’ policy indulging in the pineappleISH brew. Moody calls it the beer “made for beer drinkers who don’t drink.” It’s not too thick or foamy and it’s something one could sip on all day. At one point Rosenberg even got caught slippin when dazing off mid interview. It has 6.2 alcohol volume which is clear indication that one should not get caught sleeping on the affect of Chill’s beverage.

When asked about how his collaboration with Dock Street Brewery came about he dished on spending lots of time there building his insight on different beers and interacting with lots people. But it was the creative exhibit the brewery put together did in tribute to the Wu-Tang Clan that triggered his inspiration for an official collaboration with the famous Philly hot spot.

Aside from his newest baby his music continues to build anticipation not only for himself but for his fellow Philly peers as well. Chill loves where Philly’s music is going. He believes the MC’s are climbing and that the city anticipates Meek’s return with DC4.

In case you missed it check out what else Chill Moody had to say and his perspective on how Meek’s newest beef with The Game weighs in on the anticipation.

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