Viola Davis stopped by the Ellen DeGeneres show to talk about her own hit show How To Get Away With Murder. It premieres tomorrow night on ABC.

The Emmy-Award winner talked about how she was  DONE with some of the steamy sex scenes on the show. Not because viewers hate it, but because she hates being thrown against the wall:

“I told them, ‘No more sex scenes!’ Well, sex scenes but, ‘You can not throw me up against the wall.”


She then talked about how she hurt herself for weeks because of a sex scene:

“They threw me up against the wall the first season and I threw my back out for two weeks – and my hip! So, I limped around for two weeks and I said, “No more walls.’ I just wanna be on a bed and I don’t wanna move,” to which Ellen quipped, “sounds like you don’t know how to do it right!”

Davis then talked about her 6 year old daughter Genesis and her obsession with Beyonce. She didn’t let her go to the Queen’s Formation world tour for obvious reasons and to say her daughter was upset is an understatement:

““No, you don’t know what Lemonade means to me, Mom!“‘You don’t know what Beyoncé means to my life!’”

Check out a clip of their interview below:

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