We are getting closer and closer to the November presidential elections and informed voter or not informed voter, we all know we must stop Trump. How? By voting.

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Celebrities have using their influence to make that happen, most recently with Chance The Rapper bringing the NAACP along with him on tour to register concertgoers to vote. Now, Young Metro is throwing his own “Young Metro Don’t Trust Trump” concert on Nov. 4th at the Playstation Theater in NYC.

In a interview with Complex, Young Metro shared his thoughts on the upcoming election and why he’s throwing this concert,

“With the election coming, I think it’s time to speak out, and not like speak out by getting extra political with this sh*t, but let people know. So letting y’all know I don’t trust him, you don’t trust him and go ahead and celebrate that. And also, people love coming to concerts and coming together, though at the same time it’s not all about that, but sharing the message and the same view. With it so close to the election, I thought, let’s have this concert and celebrate this and all agree that we can’t have this guy as our President.”

But that’s not all, the proceeds from the concert will go towards a scholarship fund for a St. Louis student to attend Moorehouse college. This is the same path Metro took before he became the mega producer he is now,

“I feel like that’s important because even though I dropped out of college and was pretty vocal about it, I don’t want people to think I’m on some anti-college sh*t. Ain’t nothing wrong with college, but I just feel like everyone’s paths are different.”

Source: Blavity

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