Russell Simmons dropped by Ebro in the Morning and covered everything from being a vegan to being Black in Hollywood. One of Russell’s biggest announcements was that The Game and Meek Mill have decided to squash the online beef.

“I had a conversation you know, and I asked them to do me a favor,” he said. “Both said they would stop posting. It’s a misunderstand kinda. It’s kinda… they got family around them. Everything gets to a point…you know. This violence thing, right now let the black people come together against police. Not against each other. These two, they’re good dudes. They’re real street dudes right? They have to protect their reputations. But as a favor, they’re going to stop posting, and I’m hopefully going to have a meeting in the next week or so.”

When discussing Black Hollywood, he explained why he preferred Tony Rock’s performance at the All Def Movie Awards as oppose to Chris Rock’s Academy Award performance:

“I like Tony’s politics better than Chris’. Chris is my man, but he said something about [Jada Pinkett-Smith] that kinda made me uncomfortable. But Tony praised [Jada Pinkett-Smith]! The reason why Tony and Chris had that show was because of Jada’s protest, and I think Chris was dismissive of it.”

The group also discussed the water issue in Flint, Michigan,Brandon Marshall from the Broncos, who lost two sponsorships after taking a knee during the national anthem and more. Watch it below.

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