Next week, the National African American Museum of will finally open its’ doors.  On Sept. 24, President Obama, First Lady Michelle, and Oprah Winfrey will attend the opening ceremony which will be a night many will never forget.

For the first time ever, our history will be on display in one massive building.  Our editor, Gia Peppers, attended a press preview last week and walked out with a deeper understanding of the fullness of the black experience.  And now, there’s a new way the history making museum set a new standard on how people consume history.  Tech powerhouse Google teamed up with the NMAAHC to make the museum’s experience the most innovative of all time.

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According to a press release from Google‘s own software engineer and project lead Travis McPhail, the partnership produced ground-breaking technology:

“We’re proud to help bring these stories to life with a first-of-its-kind 3D interactive exhibit and a $1 million grant from, part of our ongoing work on racial and social justice issues.

A few years ago, Dr. Lonnie Bunch, the NMAAHC’s director, came to Google’s headquarters and shared his vision to make the museum the most technologically advanced in the world… For the past year, we’ve been working to deliver on Dr. Bunch’s vision.

We worked closely with the museum to build an interactive exhibit to house artifacts from decades of African American history and let visitors explore and learn about them. With 3D scanning, 360 video, multiple screens and other technologies, visitors can see artifacts like a powder horn or handmade dish from all angles by rotating them with a mobile device. The interactive exhibit will open in spring 2017.”

In addition to the 3-D exhibit, students will be able to go on a “digital journey” to some of the areas where the biggest moments in our history took place.  By using Google Maps, students will be able to experience virtual tours on the journey of our past.

In addition to the interactive exhibit, we’re also launching two new Google Expeditions that take students on a digital journey through African American history… With participation from the National Park Service, the Expeditions team captured images of the Selma to Montgomery National Historic Trail, which commemorates the events, people and route of the 1965 Voting Rights March. A second Expedition, from the Martin Luther King Jr. National Historic Site, takes you around Dr. King’s childhood home and the historic Ebenezer Baptist Church, where he preached.

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How dope is this?!  For more information and to learn how you can get tickets, visit the NMAAHC website.

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