A few weeks ago, “Wildin Out” star Jack Thriller appeared on N.O.R.E.’s Drink Champs podcast and the conversation turned to Thriller’s four-year feud with 2 Chainz over an interview where 2 Chainz joked about joining the Illuminati. N.O.R.E. being N.O.R.E. tried to squash the beef by calling 2 Chainz and things went from 0-100 instantly! Needless to say, Chainz didn’t say anything nice to Thriller and the two won’t be going out for chamomile tea anytime soon.

This week, Thriller appeared on the “He Man Woman Haters Club” podcast hosted by Mouse Jones and Reek and Thriller expound on how he felt about the entire situation, working in the entertainment industry and more.

From early in the interviews, the gang discussed what went wrong in the convo with 2 Chainz:

“Aye listen, man, I was telling him [N.O.R.E.] the story about when I interviewed 2 Chainz four years ago and stuff, and he kept cutting me off! But I was trying to finish my story just to let him know that I don’t have a problem with this guy and whatnot, and he was saying ‘I’ll call him up and make this shit cool between y’all.’ ”

Things didn’t go according to N.O.R.E.’s plan, because once Chainz got on the phone, Chainz proceeded to go off on Jack by calling him and his mother “p**sy” several of times and telling Jack to keep his name out of his mouth. The reaction in the room was priceless.

“He [N.O.R.E.] thinking shit between me and him [2 Chainz] [is] a joke. He don’t know this n***a don’t like me for real, for real, but I didn’t know this n***a didn’t like me this much… For real for real! ” he continued.

Later when discussing being respected by their industry counterparts, Jack went back and addressed 2 Chainz one last time.

“I always kept it one hundred and I ain’t never disrespected nobody and shit. Even with 2 Chainz, I ain’t disrespect him! We had a misunderstanding. He got a little emotional about it, he don’t know how to take a joke and whatnot. And when I did snap on him, I was snapping on him about some things that I observed when I first came out and I feel like he should’ve treated me better. And if he has a problem with me I apologize for it, I don’t want to fight him, but on the same token, I’m not a punk, I ain’t no sissy, I ain’t never been a sucker, and I ain’t gonna let him hurt me! And I f**k with him, I think he’s a really dope guy, do what you do and whatnot and I’m man enough to say that.”

On a totally different note, the discussion of the chilterling circuit came about when Thriller revealed that his starred in his first play at 12 years old with Fred Berry, who played Rerun on the 1970s hit show “What’s Happening!” The chitterling circuit is sometimes deemed as less than by Hollywood actors, Thriller explained how there’s big money in it and it helped make Ricky Smiley the man he is today.

“It’s a real thing, it’s always been a real thing and you can make a lot of money on it. A lot of people don’t know this but, Ricky Smiley is a multi-f**king-millionaire, he’s probably richer than the n***a that you think is the richest black comedian,” he said. “He’s working the shit you that you don’t even think exist and that’s called a chitterling circuit. He’s making money hand over fist down in Missispi down in all the places you wouldn’t even think about going to.”

Lots of gems, check it out below.

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