There’s levels to this industry and that’s exactly what VH1 and 345 Games wanted to depict in the newly released app, “Love & Hip Hop: The Game.”  The app, now available worldwide on iOS and Andriod, is based around the no. 1 reality show “Love & Hip Hop.” It even features some of our favorite stars like Remy Ma, Papoose, Rich Dollaz, and Yandy who were in attendance at the NYC preview and demo party.


When you open the app, your journey begins by customizing your own look. Ladies can rock their natural hair, braids with the top knot or a high ponytail; it can be blue, pink, or you can stick with the basics. Options also vary for the shapes, colors, and every other characteristic you can think of.

The game is highly focused on fashion as well.  Much like what happens when you make more money in real life, you unlock new levels and your wardrobe upgrades as more money comes in on the app.  The higher up in rankings, the more choices you get.

Once your character is complete, you are dropped into the heart of Brooklyn to meet your best friend at your new apartment. From there you begin your journey to stardom. Your first job is at Triod City Studios as the receptionist and assistant to one of the biggest record label executives in hip hop. You are tasked with completing jobs, running errands, and even to socialize in order to gain more points. With the end goal being to make it to the top, you will be faced with similar problems you see in the reality show (aka tons of drama).

Once you’ve unlocked certain levels you will start being introduced to the “Love & Hip Hop” characters. As new events happen on the show, the content in the app will be updated to reflect these changes.

345 Games, an extension of Viacom Music and Entertainment Group’s Consumer Products division, shared that they are working to expand the game throughout New York, and even to Atlanta where you will be able to unlock characters from “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta.”  Bronx native, Remy Ma, wondered why her borough wasn’t included.


All in all, the game is something to try out. Think of it as the modern day ‘Sims’ with better graphics and body features, dope clothes, and tons of drama. You get to see the every day grind of how to make it in hip hop, learn about who you’re competing with, and create your own social life. Download it now on your mobile or tablet devices, so you can begin your journey to stardom.

Check out the screenshots from “Love & Hip Hop: The Game,” below.  Let us know if you’ll be checking it out on Twitter, @blameebro.

lhh-the-game-customization  lhh-the-game-socialization lhh-the-game

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