The Georgia Bureau of Investigation has issued arrest warrants for Jackson police officer Sherry Hall, on Friday.  Reportedly, police officer Hall was allegedly shot by who she described as a black man on September 13. According to GBI Special Agent, Joe Wooten, “The investigation has revealed that there is no, and never was, a suspect at large in Jackson, Georgia.”

The alleged shooting took place while Hall was on patrol and claims that’s when she encountered “6-foot, 230-pound black man wearing a green shirt and black jogging pants”sitting on the side of the road. After she exited her vehicle, he became very argumentative,” said police Chief James Morgan at the time. “And at some point, he pulled a weapon and fired one round in her direction, striking her in the lower abdomen area of her body armor.” Hall claimed that she was able to fire shots back before the man ran off into the woods.

During the Georgia authorities investigation they found out that Hall lied about the incident and planted shell casings, attempting to pass it off as the alleged suspect’s gun. Although, Hall stuck to the story during interrogation, after 600 hours of investigation the Bureau discovered her story was completed fabricated.  Hall is accused of “issuing false statement and writing and concealment of facts, tampering with evidenced, interfering with government property and violation of oath.”

Hall was placed on administrative leave after the incident and has checked herself into a private facility. Wooten stated, that she will be arrested upon her release from the facility.

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Source:CBS 46

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