As residents of the city of Charlotte demand the release of the dashcam and body cam footage from the police-involved shooting of Keith Lamont Scott, several of news outlets, including The New York Times have obtained footage of the fatal encounter with police filmed by Scott’s wife. In the video, his wife, Rakeyia Scott, is pleading with the police, telling them not to shoot him and making them aware that he has a TBI (traumatic brain injury). She also tells him to get out of the car.

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Soon after, about four gunshots are heard and Scott is seen on the ground. The video doesn’t answer questions at all. The gun in question is not seen, and no clear view of Brently Vinson, the black officer who reportedly shot him. See the full transcript and video below.

Rakeyia Scott: Don’t shoot him. Don’t shoot him. He has no weapon. He has no weapon. Don’t shoot him. He didn’t do anything.

Officer in background: Drop the f—ing gun.

Officer: Drop the gun, drop the gun.

Rakeyia Scott: He doesn’t have a gun. He has a TBI [traumatic brain injury]. He’s not going to do anything to you guys. He just took his medicine.

Officer: Drop the gun. Let me get a f—ing (inaudible) over here.

Rakeyia Scott: Keith, don’t let them break the windows. Come on out the car.

Drop the gun.

Rakeyia Scott: Keith don’t do it. (Loud click heard).

Officer: Drop the gun.

Rakeyia Scott: Keith get out the car. Keith, don’t you do it, don’t you do it. Keith, Keith, Keith, don’t you do it.

(Four gunshots are heard.)

Rakeyia Scott: Keith, don’t you do it.

Did you shoot him? Did you shoot him? Did you shoot him?

He better not be f—ing dead. He better not be f—ing dead, I know that f—ing much. I know that much he better not be dead.

I’m not going to come near you, I’m going to record though. I’m not coming near you, I’m going to record though. He better be alive cause, he better be alive, how about that.

(On the phone with 911.)

Rakeyia Scott: Yes, we’re over here at 9453 Lexington Court. These are the police officers who shot my husband, and he better live. He better live cause he didn’t do nothing to them.

Officer: Is everybody good, are you good?

Rakeyia Scott: Ain’t nobody touch anybody, so they all good.

I know he better live. I know he better live. How about that I’m not coming to you guys, but he better live.

He better live, you hear this and you see this, right? He better live. He better live.

I swear he better live. Yup he better live, he better f—ing live. He better live. Where is … he better f—ing live and I can’t believe. I ain’t going nowhere. I’m in the same damn spot, the f–k.

That’s OK, did you all call the police? I mean, did you all call the ambulance?

***TRIGGER WARNING: Some footage seen in the video might be deemed graphic and disturbing.***

Source: NYT

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