What the hell is going on with the world. Donald Trump actually has a fighting chance of becoming President of the United States, police are getting away with murder and NOW, we have teachers not only enlisting the help of students for drug deals but beating them up when they don’t get paid in full.

On Friday (September 23rd), a Bronx high school teacher was arrested after he robbed and assaulted a student who owed him $4,ooo from a drug transaction he was supposed to carry out but failed to do so. The teacher was Kevin Pope, 48, of John V. Lindsey Wildcat Academy began asking around who could get him an abundant amount of weed last June. He found a student who said he could do it but hadn’t seen the student for 3 months until he bumped into him on the streets blocks away from the school. The student informed him that he tried to complete the transaction but was $3k short and admitted to spending some of it. Pope then, according to reports, punched him in the face, took his Iphone, wallet and gold chain and told him to have his money in a month or he would rape his mother.

The student is said to have surgical stitches to treat the blows to his head. Pope is in custody and his arraignment is pending.

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Source: NY Daily News

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