Nas’ highly anticipated album may already be done but we don’t know much about it.

We got our first clue from Harlem’s own, Dave East. The 2016 XXL Freshman spoke briefly on Nas’ upcoming album to Billboard stating that the album was “fire” and that he “might be on it.”

That’s all he would say but it’s understandable seeing as though East has his mixtape Kairi Channel coming out on Sept. 30th. East spoke to XXL during the shoot and said that he want’s to be remembered as when NYC woke back up,

“I want my Freshman year to be remembered as when New York City woke the fuck back up again. Legends always do what they do, Jadakiss Fabolous, Styles, they got New York etched in stone, but I want it to be remembered that it was a breath of fresh air that came in the game from Harlem.”

How excited are you for Kairi Channel? Tweet us and let us know.


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