Since buying the “AIDS” drug and marking it up to a ridiculous price Martin Shkreli is the most hated man in America. With beef from Wu-Tang and anyone else who criticize him, people would love the chance to knock him out one good time.

RZA and Martin Shkreli Are Being Sued For The Illustrations Used For Wu Tang Album

After the death of his friend and former PR consultant Mike Kulich, Shkreli decided to raise money for his son who is recovering from Leukemia by auctioning off a slap or punch to the face.

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Shkreli said bids were as high $78,000. He said he would match to a “certain point” Here’s how it listed on Ebay:

“You must provide the photo and he will autograph it, in person, in the city of your choosing in the United States.

As a special bonus prize, you will also be entitled to one slap or punch directed at Mr. Shkreli. If you win the auction for the autograph, you will also be entitled to transfer the slap or punch to a third-party. You may videotape the autographing event/ceremony.”

See the tweets below.

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Source: Huffington Post

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