Google is continuing the initiative to push minorities -mainly African Americans into tech. As part of their new venture, Google is making plans to launch a new tech lab in Oakland, Calif. to grow the next generation of engineers of color. Google is working with MIT Media Lab on the venture and it is set to open next month.

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USA Today reports that the lab will focus on educating young people in Oakland on the educational and career opportunities that nearby Silicon Valley has to offer. Google has leased a 255,000-square-foot complex near the Fruitvale BART station that is owned by local nonprofit The Unity Council.

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“It’s incredibly exciting to have Google’s presence in the Fruitvale,” a busy and highly visible spot, giving students passing by a window into high-tech they normally would only get in Silicon Valley, said Claire Shorall, manager of computer science for the Oakland Unified School District.

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Source: USA Today

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