Jerry Seinfeld is most arguably the king of modern comedy. Thanks to the success of his ’90s sitcom “Seinfeld,” Jerry has become a cash cow and topped Forbes’ highest-paid comedian list for several years… until now. There’s a new champ according to Forbes and his name is Kevin Hart! Seinfeld didn’t fall off too far, he’s in second place.

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Between June 2015 and June 2016 Seinfeld managed to bank $43.5 million, Hart managed to double that thanks to the success of a nationwide tour and movie like “Ventral Intelligence,” “Ride Along 2,” “Get Hard” and “The Wedding Ringer.”

Currently Hart is filming a remake of “Jumanji” with Jack Black and The Rock. Peep the full list below.

1. Kevin Hart ($87.5 million)
2. Jerry Seinfeld ($43.5 million)
3. Terry Fator ($21 million)
4. Amy Schumer ($17 million)
5. Jeff Dunham ($13.5 million)
6. Dave Chappelle ($13 million)
7. Jim Gaffigan ($12.5 million)
8. Gabriel Iglesias ($9.5 million)
9. Russell Peters ($9 million)
10.John Bishop ($7 million)

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Source: Forbes

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