Ty Dolla $ign made it clear that Meek Mill and The Game are both the homies but that internet beef they one, he’s not with it.

In an interview with XXL this past Friday at his Dallas Dolla Day pop-up shop, Ty spoke his mind about the situation,

“Both of them are my homies and I think the homies should get off the internet. I think we all gangsters and we ain’t supposed to be on the internet with our shit. Niggas should have learned that a long ass time ago. I feel like when it’s real shit, if it’s beef or whatever the fuck they want to call it, niggas should speak like men together. Everybody’s watching on the internet so why would you want to talk shit on the internet? I don’t do that with girls or anybody. Let’s just kept it adult.”

Ty, we would have to agree. Not only should it have not begun on the internet, it has gone on too long, involved more people and it shows little to no signs of stopping anytime soon. Russell Simmons tried to stop it and his efforts went unrewarded as he just got dragged into it. Lets hope the same doesn’t happen to Ty, but taking his own advice, if that does happen, we are pretty sure Ty makes house calls. Knock knock.

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