While the internet is still broken over the debate last night between Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton, Vic Mensa is putting out his political views for the world. He was just featured in the Vevo mini-series “Why I Vote.”  In the beginning of the video he says:

“Affecting change in the hood is why I vote.”

Then flashes of Southside Chicago appear and he then talks about how his first encounters with police officers were overwhelmingly violent and negative:

“Southside Chicago has more killings in a year than soldiers dying in Iraq.”

Mensa then details the killing of 17-year-old Laquan McDonald last year when an officer shot him. An officer shot 16 times when he was only 10 feet away from him. Vic explained how Laquan was the little homie of one of his close friends. While the officer who shot the teen was charged with first-degree murder, Vic and his friends led a protest through Chicago to denounce his death and order the resignation of local officials.

“16 Shots” off his latest project There’s Alot Going On was inspired by McDonald’s wrongful death. Check out the video below:

Why I Vote – Vic Mensa

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