It’s seldom that we’re graced with tunes of substance in an era where trivial tunes saturate the airways. Songs like Kanye’s “Real Friends” are always refreshing because it’s something we don’t hear often and need more of.

Echoing that same wave yet bringing forth her own dynamic sound, style and persona to a topic we can all relate to, Saba Abraha’s “You Are Not My friend” dishes on that ‘AH-HA’ everyone experiences. It’s that self realization when you see that everyone isn’t for you and learning how to embrace that. It’s okay to let people go and love yourself more than a failing relationship. “Mississippi blues I fell for the words you threw…. and I trace every word back to you,” says talk is cheap, especially in the beginning of every relationship both friends and intimate. It’s inevitable that time reveals who a person is. What lies beneath the surface is what we find to be real and Saba conveys that as she sings, “It’s better when one does not see for the prying eyes dig deeper than skin deep.”

The visuals illustrate a young woman traveling through different scenes disconnected from what’s going on around her. As the melodic phrases “We’re running out of options, Dig a little more to solve the problem” and “Wonder can we go around it, Have we found it” repeat the audience feels that connection of being able to tune out the noise to become one with yourself. It’s a constant reminder that the answer we’re searching for lies within us.  There’s no need to run or sugar coat reality. Problem solved, so “to the highest bidder, you are not my friend.”

It’s a timeless message and capturing visuals with a melodic tone. “You Are Not My Friend” comes off Saba’s latest EP How Things Fly that hit the itunes Top 200 Pop charts. Surely Saba is bringing a forth a unique sound uncommon to the Washington D.C. music scene and we’re tuned in to what’s next on the horizon for her!

Check out her video below and don’t forget to pick up How Things Fly here.

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