Earlier this year Freddie Gibbs was charged with “sexual abuse of a defenseless or psychologically impaired person” after being accused of drugging and raping a woman while on tour in Austria in July 2015. He was arrested in France during another tour four months ago and later extradited to Austria where he was officially charged. In August he was released on bail, but faced 5-10 years if found guilty. Throughout the entire legal process, Gibbs has maintained his innocence and now he’s officially been vindicated.

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After fighting for his freedom overseas in an Austrian court, Freddie Gibbs has been deemed not guilty on all charges of sexual assault.

Read the full statement from attorney Theodore Simon below.

Today, September 30, 2016 Freddie Gibbs was found not guilty. We have always maintained unconditionally and without any doubt that Freddie would be and now has been fully exonerated and completely vindicated. We are pleased and thankful that the Court recognized the same trust and confidence we and all of his fans have had in Freddie that justified and resulted in his absolute acquittal. Immediately after his acquittal I spoke with Freddie who expressed his deeply sincere, heartfelt gratitude and thanks to his fiancé Erica Dickerson for her unwavering support, for the steadfast and incomparable loyalty of his long time friend and manager Ben “Lambo” Lambert, for the extraordinary work and effort of his lawyers and for the overwhelming outpouring of love he has received from his fans. He says, “Thank you!”

While we are appreciative of the verdict of not guilty, nothing has changed. The
actual facts have always demonstrated that Freddie was and is 100% innocent. It is now self-evident he was wrongly accused. The trial has confirmed our belief that after a searching and complete investigation and trial the true and actual facts would be revealed – that there always was an absence of any scientific, physical, or credible evidence that would warrant in any way such an accusation.

After being released, Freddie tweeted a photo of his daughter with the caption “New Beginnings.” See it below.

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